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Linda Zack  MBACP


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Has your life situation changed and you are struggling to cope?
Do you feel low, depressed, anxious or stressed?

Has someone died and you are finding it hard to deal with the loss?

Are you feeling discriminated, bullied or isolated due to sexuality, gender,  disability, or illness ?

The solution.

Talking to someone will help you to see the problem clearly and enables you  to explore possible solutions. You can then face up  to and bounce back from your distress and / or anxiety.

Counselling gives you the space to explore who you are and what really matters to you.

Benefits of Counselling and Gestalt Therapy

Having a safe, confidential  non- judgemental space to talk about your situation.
Developing hope and resilience.
Developing a new awareness of self and new possibilities for the future .
Developing new ways of supporting yourself and others.

About me

I have a background in a health profession  and I am interested in non- verbal (body) process. Growing up as a  deafened child in a hearing family, I’ve learned to attune to facial and body gestures as part of my lip reading, as well as using my hearing aids. I have found such attunement especially valuable in my work with past clients.

I am a student of Ki-Aikido ( and I utilise my insights in its priniciples of mind- body cordination in daily life as well as in my work as a Gestalt therapist.

I have a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling from Metanoia Institute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your sessions?
I have a sliding scale of fees dependent on the time of the booking of the session. My fees range from £50 to £100.
What do I need for a video session?

In  order to be able to attend a video consultation you will need a working webcam and microphone on your device. Please ensure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser installed. For video calls, you will need a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbits/sec.

You will need to be in a room where you will not be overheard or interrupted. This ensures the safety, containment  and confidentiality of our work.




I am in a state of crisis- can you help me now?
I am  not able to offer treatment in severe or life threatening situations. If you think you are at risk of harm or at risk of harming others, you should look at the resources available on our “IN CASE OF CRISIS” page, call 999 or go immediately to your local Accident and Emergency department.
I'm interested - what do I do next?
Use the contact form to book a 15 minute Zoom no -obligation  consultation to answer any other questions before you decide any further.


Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final







Rainer Maria Rilke





…….the only way out is through






Fritz Perls ( founder of Gestalt therapy)






Stand up





Japanese Proverb


Use the contact form to book a 15 minute Zoom no-obligation  consultation to answer any other questions before you decide any further.


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